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Circle of the Stag is a modern group of witches with a diverse array of talent and skills. Our members include IT professionals, healthcare providers, librarians, and researchers. But we are also artists, dancers, fire-makers, jewelers, and martial artists. We have gifted tarot readers, Reiki practitioners, potion makers, and spell-casters. Most of us fall on the lgbtq spectrum, and some have leadership roles in the lgbtq community. However what truly sets us apart is our embodied practices. Perhaps it is because Cernunnos is our Patron deity, but we are prone to dancing ecstatically, bursting into song, and moving energy with loud and enthusiastic breath! We aim to feel the magic in the body. Although Cernunnos is our Patron, we each work with Divinity in whichever unique way we are called. We are firm believers that witches, being walkers between the worlds, can wear many different hats and practice multiple forms of Craft.

The Circle of Stag is a coven of the Spiral Tree Tradition which was birthed in North Dakota in 2007. Covens within the tradition share the same lore and ritual structure and seek to allow the different coven branches to actively grow, challenge and learn from one another.

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